14yr old girl, maliciously attacked at sleepover 1-Week Transformation



Gracie Lifestyle Bully Proof Standard DVD Package

Naomi’s 1-Week Transformation (Gracie Bullyproof)

Back Story: In July 2015, 14-year-old Naomi Johnson was brutally assaulted and knocked unconscious by 5 girls who were considered her “friends.” The attackers shared the video on social media, and it went viral. The Johnson family was devastated and Noami dropped out of school. After seeing the video, Ryron and Rener Gracie offered to sponsor Naomi and her family to come to California for a one-week fully-immersive training experience. Still torn by the incident, the Johnsons hesitated to accept the offer, but eventually they agreed. Not only did Naomi learn jiu-jitsu and regain the confidence that was shattered on that fateful July evening, but, with the help of Eve & Victoria Gracie, she learned the most important self-defense skill that one must use with bullies, friends, and especially bullies who call themselves friends.

Gracie Lifestyle Bully Proof Standard DVD Package

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